What to Expect.

Always ask vendors permission before touching anything on their display. It is important to understand that some animals are rough by nature and have the capability to scratch or bite. always sanitise  before and after handling any animals.

Can I Pet it?

What Kind of Animals Will be There?

How do I Win Prizes?

You have a chance to win prizes by liking our facebook page and participating in our contests.

To have a great time and to see things you may have never seen before. If you are afraid or are unsure about these wonderful critters, please let a vendor or a volunteer know and they will gladly help you.

Vendors bring in a various supply of different animals at every show. A sure way to make sure that a vendor will have what you are looking for, join our facebook group and ask.

You can always find our show dates HERE.

When's the Next Show?

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What if I am Only Here for One Vendor?

Even if you are coming to see one vendor, All entry fees are $5 dollars unless you are 12 years and under, or you are a veteran/first responder.